People, Rock Art & Technology

Here’s a quick round-up of the project progress so far. Broadly speaking it can be considered in three parts:

  • The People
  • The Rock Art, and
  • The Technology

The People

Kate has been doing a sterling job scouring the countryside (metaphorically) looking for folk willing to help us with the project. We are running workshops in early September, so if you’d like to get involved please get in contact. You don’t need to be a technical whizz, in fact it’s probably better if you’re not. But if you like getting out into the countryside and live near Wooler or Rothbury then we’d love to hear from you. See more here: Volunteers please! (pdf)

For me, the people who go out and explore the landscape and visit the rock art should be the driving force behind the project. We need to design with and for you to create an exciting, useful product that can bring and share information about rock art and the surrounding area into context.

The Rock Art

RAMP is focussing on three sites for the project: Lordenshaws near Rothbury, Weetwood Moor and Dod Law (both near Wooler). I’ve yet to visit Lordenshaws but we are planning on going soon.

The Technology

Our planned visit to Lordenshaws will, all being well, tie in with the technology element in the form of a visit to Cragside House where they are piloting a mobile interpretation trail with Second Sight viewer.

Apart from that, I’ve been investigating ways to connect mobile phones, interpretation and places. There seems to be two main trends in mobile content development, towards apps (predominantly iPhone and Android) and mobile web (e.g. HTML5 and Nokia’s WRT). QR codes are also often mentioned but, like Bluetooth, are sometimes disparaged for their complexity in getting them to work in real environments. It’s early days yet and far too soon to say what shape the project will take but it’s been interesting discovering other projects exploiting these technologies.


About Debbie Maxwell

Researcher on Rock Art Mobile Project (RAMP).
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