Stones from the Sky in Penrith

Last week, Debbie and I attended a reception for the re-opening of the Penrith and Eden Museum following a £75,000 refurbishment (see press release for more info). It was great to see that rock art had been given centre stage in a new display area devoted to Prehistory. Also part of the exhibition was a specially commissioned film, ‘Stones from the Sky’ by a colleague of mine, Aaron Watson (‘Archaeologist and Artist’) and John Was. The visuals were stunning, tracing the story of stone axes from their creation at the mountain summit, to their eventual deposition in rivers and lakes.

The launch was also an opportunity for museum curator Judith Clarke to announce the publication of an article on rock art which she and local artist, Karen McDougall have written. A few years ago, Judith and Karen worked with local school children on all sorts of projects relating to the rock art and stone circles which are found all around the Eden Valley. They wrote about their experiences, and I was very pleased to be able to include their paper in a book which I co-edited,  which has the very catchy title: ‘Carving a Future for British Rock Art. New Directions for Research, Management and Presentation’.

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