Twitter Round Up

So my confession for the day is that I’m actually one of those. Shock horror, I’m not really a blogger, I’m a tweeter. Here’s some of the project tweets that caught my eye during the last few days:

SMS triggered light sculpture:

RT @tinkerkid: list of mobile phone art/music/publicspace projects from early ’00’s comp. by @golan: #SImobile

RT @museummedia: Digitising cultural heritage – A study day at the #BritishMuseum

RT @guardiantech: Why Facebook can’t afford to screw up its location feature

Re web vs native apps: RT @nealstimler: See my reply to @barnaclebarnes comments #mobile #si20 #mtogo

Calling all iPhone users! Can you run Java ME apps on iOS? Had a google but can only find old results saying no…

RT @juncanoo: Why ignore on mobile OS in favor of others? Cross OS platforms enable you to reach broad audiences #mtogo

RT @NancyProctor: Great comments from on ‘web app v. native app’ for @Smithsonian #si20#simobile #mtogo

RT @NancyProctor: #mobile project with Tallahassee Wildlife Center includes pre- & post-visit analysis #mtogo #simobile

RT @mcrartgallery:Our QR code based interpretation of 20 artworks around the city is live.Look out for these:

RT @gerel: Moscow QR Code Treasure Hunt –

RT @QRcode: PercentMobile says:”63% of Phones can install a QR Code Reader App”

BBC News – Virus writers hit Google Android phones

BBC News – Smartphone security put on test


About Debbie Maxwell

Researcher on Rock Art Mobile Project (RAMP).
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