The Last Post…with a brief reference to albino crocodiles

The last 12 months have whizzed past, and it’s time to say farewell to RAMP. I’ve had a great time meeting everyone in Rothbury and Wooler, and getting to grips (sort of!) with the wonders of mobile technology. I depart with a whole new perspective on archaeological interpretation, and with increased respect for the power of the Post It note and the lolly stick. I’m sure that Debbie will do a great job pulling everything together for the big launch and look forward to my invitation 🙂

Cave art and crocodiles
We celebrated my last day with a trip to the Tyneside Cinema to see a rock art related film (what else?): Cave of Forgotten Dreams – the Werner Herzog documentary about the amazing palaeolithic art discovered in 1994 at Chauvet Cave in France. For any rock art enthusiast this is one not to be missed.  It was a privilege to explore the caves (not open to the public) in the company of a group of experts, and the 3D effect really emphasized the way the artists had used the contours of the cave walls to bring to life the horses, lions, mammoths, and bison. The music was slightly jarring, and the rather odd post-script about albino crocodiles was definitely a bit random, but I now feel like I’ve really witnessed this incredible place in person.  If you can’t get to  one of the cinemas showing the film you could always do the virtual tour on the official Chauvet website.

To other things…
I may be leaving RAMP but (happily) there’s no getting away from those cups and rings! Work continues apace on the CSI: Rombalds Moor project in West Yorkshire where our volunteers are now trained and setting out to test their rock art recording skills. You can follow their progress on the CSI blog. I’m also busy doing the final edits on the Spring issue of Rock Articles so watch out for that, and don’t forget that the British Rock Art Group Annual Conference takes place at Durham University this year, on the 7th and 8th May. I’ll be talking about RAMP and Aron will be presenting on South African rock art. Hope to see you there!

So long,


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