The final countdown

This is it. The final stages of the Rock Art Mobile Project are well underway. And once again, I find myself blogging with a sinking feeling, knowing full well that I should have been blogging far more frequently than I have. The best laid plans…

Nevertheless, since’s Kate’s previous post, we have got small signs designed for our three rock art sites (Lordenshaw, Weetwood Moor and Dod Law), and they are now in the process of being made up by our printers, the fabulous Multitechnic in Morpeth.

“Signs?” I hear you cry. “But I thought this was a mobile technology project?” And you’d be right, it is a mobile technology project. The thing is though, it can be very difficult to navigate through the rock art landscape. The landscape changes dramatically throughout the year due to vegetation (think 6ft high bracken in summer, bluebells and bog cotton in spring, and exposed and/or snow in winter). Coupled with this however, is the lack of permanent, visible structures (like you might have in an urban environment). So written and visual directions, whilst vital and helpful, sometimes need a little boost.

We’re fortunate that the three sites we’ve chosen have some basic infrastructure in the form of wooden waymarker posts showing paths. So, we’ve decided to add our own RAMP signs to them (after seeking all the relevant permissions of course!) and in two cases, add wooden waymarker posts. The signs have a simple stylised map, our name & logo, the web url and a QR code. We also have slightly larger signs for the carpark areas to tell visitors what RAMP is and how to use it.

So apart from the signs, working up the content, developing and testing the mobile websites, we’ve been organising the RAMP launch event. Hooray!

Invites will be going out shortly, but it will be on Saturday 2nd July at Lordenshaw & Rothbury. We’ll be going for a rock art walk so here’s hoping it’s a lovely sunny day. Wait, it’s always lovely and sunny up there. For any sceptics out there, here’s the photographic evidence…

Weetwood Moor

Weetwood Moor



PS. If for some inexplicable reason you don’t receive an invite and think you should have one, drop me an email/comment on this blog and I’ll get back to you.



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