RAMP will further enhance public engagement with rock art in Northumberland using mobile digital technology. It will endeavour to both improve the quality of experience that visitors have, and also to engage new audiences for rock art through the deployment of appealing cutting-edge technology.

Our aims are:

  • to place key parts of the existing rock art database (ERA) in situ with the objects they describe
  • to encourage members of the public to add details of their own experience of a visit which can be shared via an online space and through social networking and self-publishing options
  • to enable members of the public to contribute to the effective management of rock art by providing a vehicle through which they can better appreciate the vulnerability of the rock art and be in a position to contribute information about the state of rock art panels, and
  • to contribute to the development of the rural economy in Northumberland through encouraging increased tourism to the region.

We hope that RAMP will:

  • enhance understanding of the use of mobile media for delivering heritage content to diverse audiences
  • develop a better understanding of the lifecycle of heritage content on diverse digital media platforms, especially those processes related to editing and re-appropriating content
  • enable us to develop a stronger experience of involving users in the production of digital heritage content, especially in rural environments, and
  • provide the opportunity to further practice and extend user participatory methodologies for the design and evaluation of platforms that enable user generated content.

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